The War at Home tells the story of the impact of the war in Vietnam on one American city, using Madison, Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin as a microcosm for the national Antiwar Movement. The film vividly depicts a decade of antiwar resistance from the earliest Vietnam war protest in 1963; to some of the most violent antiwar demonstrations of the era (1967-72); to the signing of the Paris Peace Agreement that formally ended the U.S. role in the war in 1973.

Using a treasure trove of local TV news film, illuminated by more than twenty original on-camera interviews with student antiwar activists, Vietnam Veterans, community leaders, mothers, police officials and others, The War at Home details the actions and events that turned the Midwestern city of Madison into one of the major domestic battlegrounds of the Antiwar Movement.

First released in 1979, The War at Home was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary and went on to win top awards at the U.S. Film Festival (Sundance) and the Chicago International Film Festival, just a few years after the war in Vietnam came to an end.

From the New York Film Festival (2018)
Dir. Glenn Silber & Barry Alexander Brown, USA, 1979, 100m

This meticulously constructed 1979 film recounts the development of the movement against the American war in Vietnam on the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin, from 1963 to 1970. Using carefully assembled archival and news footage and thoughtful interviews with many of the participants, it culminates in the 1967 Dow Chemical sit-in and the bombing of the Army Math Research Center three years later. One of the great works of American documentary moviemaking, The War at Home has also become a time capsule of the moment of its own making, a welcome emanation from the era of analog editing, and a timely reminder of how much power people have when they take to the streets in protest.

A Catalyst Media Productions release.

New 4K restoration by IndieCollect.

National Screenings:

Following the New York Film Festival (10/9) and the NYC Opening at the Metrograph (10/12),
The War at Home will Open in the following cities this fall as part of national roll out:

Detroit (10/19) – Cinema Detroit
Santa Fe (10/21) The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
San Francisco (10/26) – Landmark’s Opera Plaza
Berkeley (10/26) – Landmark’s Shattuck Theater
Los Angeles (11/2) – Landmark’s Nuart Theater
Portland (11/9) – The Living Room
Chicago (11/30) – Gene Siskel Film Center


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October 12, 2018
By Michael Moore